Secure your commercial property today with Counterforce.

With modern industry leading systems you can have a fully integrated system to provide the ultimate in intrusion and fire protection. Choose more than just basic alarm monitoring with a burglar alarm system -manage your security using our professional monitoring with interactive and automated platforms or enhance you and your staff’s peace of mind with remote video interfaces and guard tours.



Commercial Interactive and Automated Platforms


​Remotely connect to your business through the use of your mobile, smartphone or android device. A variety of interactive platforms, in conjunction with Counterforce’s state of the art monitoring stations, can allow you to engage with your automated security system 24 hours  ​a day 7 days a week​. Have the ability to remotely arm/disarm your keypad or remove/add users when needed. The following features will help you to:​

               Manage your system to send an alert on system conditions,  

               Check system status and monitor day to day activity,

               Know when your staff has armed/disarmed the alarm panel,

               View real time video and image alerts with new image sensors,

              ​ And have the capability to control your office temperature. ​


​​Know that everything is connected, all from an easy to use mobile app or web platform. For more information on Commercial Interactive and Automated Platforms, please call us at 1800-591-7374.


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