Video monitoring plans enable you to see real-time video of your property remotely. Use cameras inside to check up on children and pets, or point them outside to see activity on your property. Review saved video from our secure storage site any time of the day without the need of a local storage device. 

With fast and accurate video verification options, our state-of-the-art monitoring station can receive instant detection of activity from a person or vehicle on your premises. Within 10 seconds video clips are sent to our monitoring station where our professionally trained operators will evaluate what is actually happening on-site and take appropriate action. Police will only be dispatch on true emergency situations and notified of the verified alarm to guarantee an instant response. Real-time clips can be sent to your mobile device or to police responders upon your request.


Instant verification for immediate police response

Enhanced security and reduce loss

Prevent the potential of costly false alarms

Enhance your security offerings with Counterforce’s remote video offerings and Videofied mobile apps today.​​ ​ ​

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