Personal Emergency Response provides the assurance, peace of mind and commitment that in an emergency at your loved ones home, they can call for help, without the need to pick up a phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

With our personal emergency response service, it is our mission to help your loved one maintain their independence and lifestyle by providing the best, most reliable, caring, and personal monitoring in Canada. With a press of a button an emergency signal is sent to the Counterforce Central Station where an experienced and professionally trained operator will respond live though the Two-Way Voice system. They will provide instant assistance to contact a family member or dispatch emergency services. An operator will always stay on the line and continue talking to your loved one until help arrives.

Ask about our “Plus” service to activate our on phone nursing assistant for additional reassurance and peace of mind.


How It Works

Personal Emergency Monitoring starts when the button is pressed from the emergency device or your wrist or neck pendant. Once pressed, an emergency signal goes to the Counterforce Monitoring Station where an experienced response operator speaks through a live Voice Response; otherwise known as Two-Way Voice. Once connected with our response operator he or she will dispatch help as required.

Customers who activate the "Plus" service will also be connected to a nurse to remain on the line with them until help or a loved one arrives.

You don't need to be close to your phone. Help is as close as a press of a button. Not only will you have Peace of Mind, so will your family and loved ones as they will know help is only a pendent press away.​

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