Guard Service​​​​​​​


With video verification requirements, that now apply in most areas, and the increase in dispatch charges by police we are committed to finding alternate solutions for our customers.As a value added service Counterforce is offering a guard dispatch response program to customers as an alternative to Police dispatch and the rates they offer in your area.

Partnering with Securitas Canada, Counterforce has negotiated an agreement to provide cost effective guard response services to our customers. With this program customers will have the option to participate in a flat rate that can guarantee up to four (4) dispatches per year. The guard will perform perimeter checks, just as the police would and are contracted by Counterforce to respond to intrusion and panic alarms at your premise.

Counterforce customers can choose from the available flat rate options and benefit today!



      • Guaranteed Alarm Respon​se
      • Monthly Cost Effective Package Options
      • Perimeter Protection

        • 24/7 Security Operations
        • Holidays and Stand-down Service Options
        • Guard reports​​​​
Contact us to have a request form emailed to you and instructions on how to get set up with this program or to simply compare guard and police costs in your area.

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