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Operating Your System Alarm systems are easier to operate than many of your everyday appliances. To help you use your alarm system effectively, we have listed a few important tips about its operation. When communicating with your Servicing Dealer or the Counterforce Monitoring Station always identify yourself with your name, system number and password. Keep​ your System Number, account number and applicable Password confidential. When you need information about the operation of your system, call your Servicing Dealer. If you are planning renovations that may interfere with or change your protection requirements, call your Servicing Dealer. If you are uncertain whether or not your alarm system is functioning properly, call the Counterforce Monitoring Station and test your system. To change your Call List, use our confidential, Call List Update Form or call the Counterforce Monitoring Station and ask for a Customer Service Representative. If you make any changes to your phone system i.e., add new features, test your alarm system to ensure it will still communicate properly. Cancel Code A Cancel Code allows you to disarm your Alarm System with a confidential code immediately after accidentally setting off a false alarm. Because disarming requires a confidential code, the receipt at the monitoring station of a Cancel Code tells the station that an authorized person is at the premises, the alarm is false, and no further action is required. The Cancel Code is a tool used by Counterforce to reduce false alarms. It saves the customer or subscriber the embarrassment of receiving a phone call from the Monitoring Station, and will also prevent the possibility of a dispatch of Emergency Services vehicles. Not all alarm systems are programmed with a Cancel Code. For more information on Cancel Codes, call your servicing dealer.  Need a New User Manual for Your Alarm System? Please click HERE to download a copy of your alarm system's User Manual. You may also call your local servicing Dealer for a copy as well.

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