How Monitoring Works

A security system installed in your home or business communicates with our 24-hour monitoring center through ordinary telephone lines or, alternatively, through a cellular radio or direct internet connection. At the present time, the direct phone line connection is the most reliable method of communication.

You arm your system when you want us to monitor entry to your location. Components of the system include door and window sensors, motion detectors and glass breakage detectors. These components may be hard-wired to your alarm panel or wireless depending on your unique needs.

In addition to entry detection which occurs when you arm your system, you may also have "panic buttons" which may be activated irrespective of whether or not the system has been armed. An alarm incident results in an immediate seizure of the telephone line to transmit the signal to the monitoring station.

When we receive an alarm signal from your system, we contact the premises, the appropriate responding authorities and your personal contacts in the order dictated by the type of signal which has been received. Normally alarm signals are received and a dispatch attempt is made within 30 seconds. You have the ability to cancel inadvertent alarms via your alarm keypad which will stop dispatch efforts.

In addition to alarm signals, your system can be programmed to communicate automatic periodic tests, low battery state, and entry and exit information.

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