How to Prevent False Alarms

In North America, as many as 90% of all alarm signals are false alarms.

The large number of false alarms has strained local municipalities and these city areas are increasingly requiring alarm permits and fees.

Municipalities uniformly place the responsibility for obtaining a permit and payment of penalties on the alarm user. It is very important that you verify with your local authorities whether or not a permit is required, obtain a permit (if required), and notify Counterforce of the permit number so that we have the information available in the event that we need to dispatch on an alarm.

There are steps that you can take to help reduce false alarms:

  • Make certain that everyone who operates the alarm fully understands the operating instructions and steps necessary to cancel an alarm. Contact the Customer Service or Tech Support departments if you need additional instruction.
  • Make each resident in your home aware of codes required to turn the system on and off as well as the password required to cancel dispatches. For business accounts, one employee who knows the code and password should be present at all times during business hours.
  • Ensure that the alarm system is armed properly before exiting the premises​. The system has a built-in delay which can be re-programmed to give you additional time to exit the premise, if necessary.
  • Motion detectors can be activated by pets or the movement of décor items affected by the flow of air. Alarm sensors can be adjusted or the system can be operated with the sensors bypassed if you wish to arm your system while you or your pets are inside.
  • Periodically check the integrity of contacts and the doors and windows to which they are attached. As with the décor items mentioned above, doors and windows which are sufficiently "loose" can be affected by internal and external wind currents. Contact the Tech Support department if you are not able to correct any such problems yourself.
Reliable and timely response by police and fire authorities depend on each of us doing our part to reduce unnecessary dispatches caused by avoidable false alarms.

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