Remote Video Interface

Have Counterforce enhance your security system today with our expanded remote video offerings. A    simple video clip can provide verification with proof of intrusion, vandalism or threat to your property and guarantee first response from police and emergency services.


With fast and accurate video verification options, our state of the art monitoring stations can receive instant detection of activity from a person or vehicle on your premises. 10 second high quality video clips are sent to our monitoring station where our professionally trained operators will evaluate what is actually happening on-site and take appropriate action. Police will only be dispatched on a true emergency situation and notified of the verified alarm to guarantee an instant response. Reliable    real-time clips of any events can be sent to your mobile device or to police responders for investigating.



Virtual Guard Tours

Ensure the utmost safety and security for your business including your staff. Our virtual guard tour offerings can conduct tours of your facility during and after business hours. Schedule tours for periodic visits, to ensure productivity or to escort your employees as they leave in the late evening to their vehicles.


Customize your tours to meet your specific needs.​​



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